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Business Chinese

Designed specifically for those looking to learn business communication skills as well as Chinese business etiquette, culture and presentation.

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Corporate Training

Corporate classes include Chinese communication and language, vocabulary building, Chinese business culture and much more!

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Executive Tutoring

Executive Tutoring is private, 1-on-1 tutoring done at a customized pace in order to get the most out of each and every class

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HSK Prep

Our HSK classes can be offered as 1-on-1 classes or with small groups of students looking to pass the same level of exams

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Intensive Chinese

Intensive Chinese courses offered by Rescue Mandarin are the most comprehensive and best ways to learn Chinese

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We specialize in providing Paid Internships in China and Chinese Study Abroad Programs to foreigners worldwide

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Do You Want to Learn Chinese?

"Rescue Mandarin is a great place for learning the kind of Chinese people in China use on a daily basis. Highly recommended!" - David, Ireland

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I came to Shanghai from England and have been studying Chinese at Rescue Mandarin for about 3 months. The teachers are excellent and the custom classes are perfect for me! The teachers have even introduced me to beautiful Chinese poetry and idioms that many young students learn in China. This is a fantastic school for learning Mandarin, I most definitely recommend!

Jamie Webber
Jamie WebberUSA

The teachers at Rescue Mandarin are excellent! I had been studying Chinese at a university but found it was not intensive enough for me. The program here was custom-built to meet my needs and moved at the pace I wanted to be learning at. The classes are very flexible and able to accommodate busy schedules. After just a few weeks with Rescue Mandarin my overall Chinese skills were vastly improved!

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