The first step towards successful business in China.

Business Chinese classes are designed specifically for those looking to learn business communication skills as well as Chinese business etiquette, culture and presentation. 

Western businesses are often surprised by the differences between operations in the east vs. west, and our classes aim to bridge the gap between Chinese and western exchanges. 

At Rescue Mandarin we offer specially constructed curriculum and materials. All courses can be tailored to fit any business field and all busy schedules. 

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Business Chinese FAQs:

What makes Business Chinese different from other courses?

  • The main focus of our Business Chinese classes is doing business in China or with Chinese companies overseas. We teach terminology so you can arrange meetings, introduce products and visiting companies as well as learning to read and understand more advanced business documents. We also will conduct courses on Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Is there a specific curriculum or can I choose what I want to learn?

  • We have curriculums that have been developed for other Business Chinese learners, but can always create a custom course depending on student needs and schedules.

What if I haven’t learned Chinese before?

  • No problem! Our first classes will be geared towards learning basic Chinese before tackling more complicated Chinese business terminology and lessons.

Is there a specific start date for Business Chinese classes?

  • Start anytime! With these custom classes you can start any day of the week at anytime that fits your schedule!