Beyond just “Chinese Lessons”.

Enjoy Mandarin offers specialized training courses designed for foreign employees working in China to communicate securely and confidently in their daily and business life. 

Corporate classes include Chinese communication and language, vocabulary building, Chinese business culture and much more!

Classes can be held at your office in Shanghai or at our school in the center of Xujiahui, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you. 

If you and your colleagues are interested in taking a corporate training class or if you are a corporation looking to set up Chinese classes for your employees, please do not hesitate to contact us

Our Corporate Training Methodology:

01  Conduct a Preliminary Assessment

A representative from our company will assess the requirements, language level of employees and desired goals before drawing up a proposal.

02  Placement Test for Trainees 

Trainees will take a short proficiency test to measure written and oral Chinese levels. The written test measures vocabulary and grammar and the oral test measures conversational competence. Training proposals may be revised according to the test results.

03  Form a Syllabus 

We will then set up a detailed course syllabus based on the needs of the client and the test results of the trainees. The course schedule and location will be arranged at this time.

04  Completion of Contract 

After the client is satisfied with the proposal and course schedule a contract will be signed. 

05  Teacher Arrangement 

We at Enjoy Mandarin understand that different students learn in different ways, which is why we have a variety of teachers suited to fit any style. We will match the students to a teacher we think is best suited for them to reach their language goals. Teachers can be changed at any time if different goals or needs are required. 

06  Progress Tracking and Feedback Collection 

We regularly will collect feedback from trainees and instructors to ensure quality and satisfaction from both parties. We also constantly monitor the teaching methods of each teacher and class content to improve training quality.

07  Achievement Test and Evaluation

We will test each trainee’s language proficiency during and after training and provide study reports for our client. Recommendation for future trainings will also be made available. 


Corporate Training FAQs:

What are the benefits of Corporate Training?

  • We understand that time is money, and these classes are designed to give our clients the most bang for their buck in the most convenient way possible. Each client has unique needs and requirements and at Rescue Mandarin we aim to exceed expectations and teach Mandarin by the most effective and efficient means.

What do these classes consist of?

  • We provide customized and flexible classes to fit our client’s needs. Lessons can be conducted on various topics such as daily life, business communication and unlimited vocabulary. 

Where and when are these classes held?

  • Total flexibility! Usually our teachers will go to the client’s office for ease and convenience, but the choice of where and when is completely up to you!