Bringing the classroom to you!

Moving to China or looking for new business opportunities? Are you constantly on the move or just searching for a way to make your resume stand out amongst the crowd? Save time and money by studying Mandarin online!

Our tailor-made online classes recreate the 1-on-1 environment of our Shanghai classrooms but can be done in the office, on the move or in the comfort of your own home!

Like our classes at the Rescue Mandarin Language Center, online classes enjoy a FREE trial lesson to guarantee top-quality teaching and service. Online classes are also flexible for even the busiest of schedules and tailor-made to cater to all the needs of our students. 

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Online Learning FAQs:

Is learning Chinese online worthwhile?

  • Absolutely! Whether you are looking to broaden your skills, enhance your resume or prepare for an upcoming trip or move to China, online learning is a fantastic way to begin or continue your Chinese language education!

How does online learning work?

  • Our online classes are structured much like our Executive Tutoring classes, yet from the ease and comfort of your computer, office or home. We teach each student individually and create the classroom atmosphere to bolster and enhance the online learning experience.

Why should I pay for online learning when there are so many free Chinese websites available?

  • While many free Chinese language websites are helpful to introduce Mandarin to absolute beginners, it is much less effective and more difficult than learning with an instructor. The most effective way to learn a language is with our 1-on-1 online classes with personal curriculums all for an affordable price!

Is there a specific start date for classes?

  • Start anytime! With these custom classes you can start any day of the week at anytime that fits your schedule!

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